Artist Announcements!

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Kristoffer J. Adams / INKC Studios

From the age of 13 I've always wanted to be an artist and someday publish my own book, but life took over. From Joining the Navy in 98 at age 19, to working odd jobs after my Discharge in 06, I began to look at my life and where it was going. So in 2008, I enrolled in college and graduated in 2010 with a degree in Graphic Design/Multimedia and a degree in Fine Art. I pursued further education by studying Animation and completed a semi Bachelors in Animation but just wasn't seeing much change in the way of studies. So, I left school all together and focused on work, but unforeseen circumstances led me to once again evaluate my life, and that is where I decided to take a chance on my past and pursue a course from my dreams. So, in 2017, I took a sabbatical, shut myself off from the world, cleansed my body, mind and spirit, and focused on the future. During that time I completed the story and artwork for 4 Books in the S.T.E.A.M. Saga. Pyros, the first in the 6 part series is a culmination from that sabbatical and the first publication from INKC Studios, and my debut as an independent comic artist and entrepreneur! I hope you all enjoy the festivities from the upcoming show and may you all find your voice through innovation!

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Elizabeth Albright

Elizabeth is a self-taught artist with a background in English Literature and History. Her focus is on narrative art with surrealist elements. Elizabeth’s most recent work modifies classic works of art and illustration to create surrealistic narrative paintings inspired by history and mythology. Most often, the subjects of these paintings are animals, chosen specifically for their symbolic significance. Her ultimate goal is to make the figurative literal, thereby creating an entirely new narrative from an old one.

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Richard Alexander / Chazz Forte

Illustrator, animator, musician

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Amanda & Duncan Anders / The Book of Nosferatu

Over the course of 20 plus years, Mandy Anders developed the characters and mythos of The Book of Nosferatu.  Released as an ongoing, free-to-read webcomic in 2011, this horror comic combines elements of mythology and folk lore.  Both her comics and fine art pieces blend imagery from ancient history, pop culture, and horror comics. She has contributed art to other independent creators including Capricorn Comix and Red Knight Comics.  Mandy earned a degree in Fine Arts and in Classical Civilizations. She works as an art educator at multiple underprivileged Appalachian schools. Mandy lives in East Tennessee with her husband who provided both moral support and technical support for her work.

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Matari Bain

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Chris Behrens

Chris Behrens is a comic book artist and writer from the Asheville area. In his current series, The Astronaut, he explores a dystopian future run by malevolent entities. His first series, DOKTOR X, will continue with issues #6 in the sporing of 2019! Chris has also started a patreon and in november will start transmitting his ‘NOT YER DAD’S COMIX!’ twitch and youtube vlogcast. It will feature folks locally and around the world talking about how great comics are, and how they’ve been influenced by them. Be prepared earthlings, he will be EVERYWHERE!

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Wayne Bernstein

A self-employed artist, Wayne specializes in woodcut logos and designs for all nerdy things! Wayne is regularly featured at the ZaPow art gallery in Asheville, NC and is an advocate and enthusiast for the local art scene!

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drew bland.jpg

Drew Blank

Drew Blank is an arter & writist with an undying love for all things geeky. From comic books to movies, Drew lives and breathes anything pop culture. His passion is in expressing his geekiness through art and writing. As an arter, Drew has created HeroSquares & HorrorSquares, an outpouring of vibrantly visual brain goop that has resulted in hundreds of unique and original artistic designs. Drew also keeps busy as a writist, putting words together in an altogether different artistic style.  His first novel, MEMOIRS OF AN ANTIHERO has sold over 125,000 copies worldwide and continues to garner critical acclaim.  MEMOIRS OF AN ANTIHERO is available in physical editions that you can actually hold in your hand-parts or for digital download to read on technological doo-hickeys.  Drew also authored and illustrated a children's book titled ALDO TANNERS! WHERE ARE YOUR MANNERS?!, a hilariously fun romp following Aldo Tanners as he learns the importance of compassion, caring and overall politeness (there are also totally some adorable farts and burps in here).

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Kyle Ann Bowers / Bow Bow by Kyle

My name is Kyle and I'm madly in love with all things cute. I draw inspiration from Betsey Johnson, vintage Barbies and Japanese kawaii culture. I enjoy long walks at Target, eating obscene amounts of donuts and watching RuPaul's Drag Race. When I'm not making cute stuff, you can find me jamming out to Melanie Martinez in my mint green Fiat. 

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Dani Boyer

Dani Boy is an OG Asheville local artist creating comics, zines, and artwork about cryptids, monsters, vegetables, and dead things.

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Chris Bradberry / Cabbie Art

I have been involved in the comic industry for over 20 years starting with London Night Studios in my teenage years. I have since done pencilling and inking for a few different companies, including sketch cards for many DC and Marvel properties among others. I'm primarily involved in pin up work and private comic commissions at moment, while also dabbling in portrait art.

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*please note that this artist is seated in the Vendor Section due to space availability.

heather noel art.jpg

Heather Bradshaw / Heather Noel Art

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Tim Bromley

My name is Tim Bromley, I am an independent artist who lives in Asheville NC with my two sons, my daughter, and my loving fiance.

While I still maintain a full time job as a Chef here in Asheville, I also work out of home as an creative artist and designer. I have been doing artwork since my childhood and now hold degrees in both arts and fine arts.

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Jeremy Brooks / Sketchbrooks

Jeremy Brooks is a comic and children's book creator who is best known for his self-published title "Radd Tuffman and the Trouble with Me". After working as a graphic designer for over a decade in Charlotte, he decided to move back to his hometown in the mountains of NC. An ideal environment to work on more self-rewarding projects and unlock the true potential of his beard. He is currently plugging away at more Radd Tuffman stories and collaborating on two yet-to-be-announced projects.

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moonlit designs.jpg

Meredith Brookins / MoonLit Designs

 MoonLit Designs is an independent, woman-owned company based out of Cary, North Carolina. Owner, Meredith Brookins, is a classic nerd who's favorite pass time is playing games and reading comics when she is not outside celebrating nature. Such activities are reflected in her artwork. 

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star .jpg

Star Calaio / White Hart Creations

White Hart Creations specializes in clay, hand-made, one-of-a-kind fantasy creatures. We also make wedding cake toppers and specialty wine glasses

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day of the doodle.jpg

Erin and Morgan Carmichael / Day of the Doodles

Morgan and Erin Carmichael are a husband and wife team that enjoys making silly things, then selling those things to silly people both online and at various comic and fantasy conventions and local markets. They live in western NC with two wild cats and make all of their doodles, paintings, screen prints, stickers and signs by hand, one at a time, in their small closet workshop.

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Matthew Childers / The Art of Matthew Childers

My name is Matt Childers, comic book artist, illustrator, designer, sometimes writer and most of all a storyteller. I have been creating stories and drawing in the back of books since I was a little kid in overalls living Charlotte, North Carolina. I grew up reading X-Men, Star Wars, Transformers… all the biggies and knew one day I’d make comics of my own. For most of my creative career, I have worked in advertising and design and won numerous Addy Awards and worked with hundreds of clients. But all the while I nurtured my desire to create my own stories and make my own books. So one day I decided enough was enough and just got to work. I have illustrated comics for Dynamite Comics, deCoubertain Publishing, Wannabee Press and created a short-lived but award-winning webcomic called Adventures In Pulp. I am currently working on my first self-written graphic novel Moon Hunters for Action Lab Comics. When I’m not making comics, I am enjoying time with my amazing wife and two kids and playing way too much Star Wars Battlefront II.

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Jeni Lee Conklin.jpg

Jeni Lee Conklin

Jeni Lee is a narrative illustrator from Texas whose art is an expression of honesty and emotion through minimalism. she will be showcasing her series of mini comics and zines that focus on mental health issues, healing, and growth through her unique style. She also enjoys creating fantasy concept art and characters for tabletop roleplaying games such as D&D. Check out her books and prints, as well as order commissions and live drawing during the show!

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animated trigger.png

Brett Marcus Cook / Animated Trigger

Brett Marcus Cook graduated from East Tennessee State University in December 2011 with a BFA in Graphic Design. Since then, he has been pretty prolific in creating and self-publishing comics, as well as designing posters for local punk shows and other odd jobs. His work includes the graphic novel Other Sleep, the Burst Reach series of minicomics, All of This Will Crumble, and Debris Field. He's the founder of a small figure drawing group in the Tri-Cities area of southwest Virginia/northeast Tennessee called Defining Bodies, and is also a member of the Fringe Art Group of the Tri-Cities, otherwise known as FRAG. He's exhibited work at Floating World Comics in Portland, OR, the William King Museum of Art in Abingdon, VA, and Gypsy Circus Cider Company in Kingsport, TN. He was published in Pretty Deadly by Image Comics in 2014, coloring a one page backup comic written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and illustrated by Xylon Otterburn. He also colored the first and fourth chapters of the Super Mario Bros 2 webcomic.

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connie criscoe logo.jpg

Connie Criscoe

My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was 10 years old and I have been crocheting anything you can think of for the past 41 years. It’s fun knowing that some of my hats are being worn in Europe and by snowboarders on the slopes in California! I truly enjoy the smiles my hats bring to my customers!

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gregory dickens.jpg

Gregory Dickens / Robot Wonderboy

I'm now the publications manager for Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity, producing the newsletter, magazine, and website. A few more national design awards have ensued. On the side, I've made minicomics and contributed to comic anthologies, including Fluke and Wide Awake. I've worked in collegiate and community theatre since 1991 in two Williams plays, three Simons, a Christie, a Rand, and Rodgers & Hammerstein. You know, the staples. I've stage managed, directed, and sung onstage. 

Since 2010, I've created my own comic books under the Robot Wonderboy studio name.

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evergreen burrow.jpg

Becca Dinoff / The Evergreen Burrow

Crafting handmade geekery, The Evergreen Burrow offers items ranging from embroidery, pins, jewelry, and more!

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tabletop logo corrected.jpg

Phil Duvall / The Tabletop Armory

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flovin logo.jpg

Rachel Flovin

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Kristin Garcia

Kristin Garcia is a painter and illustrator from Texas, currently residing in North Carolina. In 2012, she received her Bachelors in Fine Art from the University of Houston and has continued to produce and display work. She enjoys experimenting with comic book art as well as producing original fine art pieces featuring deep symbolism using a mixture of realism and contemporary abstract qualities to portray a story.

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ralp gibbs.jpg

Ralph F. Gibbs

Independently published author Ralph F. Gibbs joins ACE 2018! His novel, Broken Justice: Book 1 of the Justice Files follows seventeen-year-old Danica Justice as she navigates a post-apocalyptic America after an ancient virus has wiped out ninety percent of the world’s population.

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austin hamrick.jpg

Austin Hamrick

 Austin is a self-taught artist based in upstate South Carolina. His works range from digital to oil paintings, specializing in pop surrealism.

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Yenthlyn Harmon / Inkyen

Hello! My name is Yenthlyn, the creative mastermind of inkyen. Since I was young I always loved to making art and crafts. From painting to jewelry, I bring that love into adulthood and hopefully into your home.

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Nikita Hatmaker / Sleepscribbles Art

Nikita Leigh Hatmaker was born in Guam, on some year in late August during typhoon Omar. Strange enough, they eventually ended up in North Carolina where they turned down scholarships to art schools and got a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology instead. Nikita lives with two cats and owns a lot of art supplies. They currently work as some weird accounting/analytics nerd downtown somewhere and does a ton of organizing and planning for Weird Art Things.

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Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 8.16.16 PM.png

Brandon Hendricks

Comic Artist, illustrator, and storyteller.

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Dan Jaworsky

Working mostly in resin, metal, and acrylic to make sculptures as well as working digitally to produce paintings and illustrations, I see my efforts in relation to the vernacular traditions of gig posters, lowbrow and underground art, comic books, and sci-fi culture. 

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jumper logo.jpg

Charlie Jumper

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lagory 1.jpg

Jake Lagory / Jake Lagory Illustration

Jake LaGory is an illustrator and art teacher based in Asheville, NC. Raised in Suburban Chicago on a steady diet of canoe trips, birdwatching, and monster movies, he uses art to connect his scientific curiosity about the universe with his interest in imagining the oddities that could inhabit it. He exhibits his art at ZaPow, an illustration/pop culture gallery in Downtown Asheville.

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latham 1.jpg

Kelly Latham

Kelly is constantly curious, which leads to a lot of adventures, reading, and playing with mixed media as an art form. She uses a variety of art materials, but watercolor and ink are usually in the mix... and a handful or two of glitter. She is fond of lively color pallets, fun stories, and in-depth environments. In addition to creating, Kelly loves traveling, mismatched socks, and fuzzy blankets.

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ft lukens.jpg

F.T. Lukens

F.T. Lukens is an award-winning author of Young Adult fiction. Her novel, The Rules and Regulations of Mediating Myths & Magic received multiple awards, including the 2017 Foreword INDIES Gold Award for Young Adult Fiction and the 2017 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Gold Award for Best Teen Fiction. Zenith Dream is the final installment to her Broken Moon series, which also includes The Star Host (2016) and Ghosts & Ashes (2017). F.T. will be selling and signing copies of her books at ACE.

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maxey 1.jpg

James Maxey

James Maxey’s mother warned him if he read too many comic books, they would warp his mind. She was right. Now an adult who can’t stop daydreaming, James is unsuited for decent work and ekes out a pittance writing down demented fantasies about masked women, fiery dragons, and monkeys. Oh god, so many monkeys.In an effort to figure out how Superman could fly, James read a lot of science, books by Carl Sagan and Stephen Jay Gould and Stephen Hawking. Turns out, Superman probably wasn’t based on any factual information. Who would have guessed? Realizing it was possible to write science fiction without being constrained by the actual rules of science proved liberating for James, and led to the psuedo-science fiction of the Bitterwood series, superhero novels like Nobody Gets the Girl, and the steam-punk visions of Bad Wizard.

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blue jay 2.jpg

Jennie Mazur / Blue Jay Designs

Hi I'm Jen! I am an artist and cosplayer from NC. At my booth, you will find nearly 200 different buttons designs, stickers, and mini prints of anime, cartoons, video games, TV, and more. Check out some of my work on Instagram @bluejayartdesigns.

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viscid comics.png

Ben McFadden / Viscid Comics

Viscid Comics aims to grow into an expanded universe of stories and characters, beginning with the first chapter of the Djinn Jailers Containment Services comic series, in which the DJCS is combating a decades-old scourge of mysterious manifestations known as the Age of Incarnations. With your support, the story of the DJCS can continue and expand into other tales that illuminate new aspects of the underlying phenomenon behind the Age of Incarnations.

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Stephanie Mey / Echocat Art

Hey! I'm Stephanie and my tag name is EchoCat. You can find me on Instagram at echocat_art. I'm 22 and I've loved art all my life, I mainly do fanart, mostly anime, but other stuff as well. I sell mostly stickers and prints, and I'm hoping to make more designs for acrylic keychain charms! I also have a couple magnets! I went to my first comic con a few years ago and I loved it! Ever since I have wanted to have my own booth in the artist alley, and just this year in March I finally did it! ACE will be my 3rd con and I'm super excited for it! I can't wait to meet everyone and for another exciting experience!

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lembmorgan 1.jpg

Lem B. Morgan / Charito Domingo

A Filipino American artist who lives on a mountain and loves to draw! Also, an egg enthusiast!

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Kevin Murphy

After being a longtime fan, Kevin Murphy has written two books in the explosively growing sub-genre of LitRPG/Gamelit where characters find their way into fantastic worlds with different sets of rules allowing for an author’s cocktail of magic, technology, and logic that’s indicative of, and somewhat unique to, the genre. Kevin proudly works with a new artist for each of his book covers and encourages enthusiastic authors to talk about future collaborations.

Table: F5

candy capsule.jpg

Bailey Nickerson / Candy Capsule

I am an Ashevillian doodler and toymaker who got my start sewing crafts to sell at a local gallery/gift shop. After stumbling into my first convention, my sister Tivoli and I formed an Etsy shop and started Candycapsule. We were raised on Powerpuff girls, platformer games, Gaia Online, Neopets, and RPG’s. Each plush and stationery item is designed and sewn/produced in house, usually with claws, kitty faces, or big adorable eyes. (Oh yeah, did I mention we are cat people?) Our characters start as drawings, then are sculpted as “dummies,” so we can take down a sewing pattern. After that, fabric is picked, details embroidered, fabric cut, sewn and stuffed. Our stickers are printed, laminated, then cut on our silhouette machine. Having complete control over how our products are made allows us to release the most unique and lovingly-made characters you can find.

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steam and steel.jpg

Brenda Palmer / Steam and Steel Apparel

We're a clothing, accessories and gift store catering to all those geeky and eccentric. We offer cosplay items, LARP weapons, and all sorts of goodies

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Leslie Peach / LAG Studios

LAGStudio is the online alias for 28 year old artist Leslie A. Gore from Cartersville, GA. Her artwork focuses on the use of vibrant colours, cell shading, and varying cartoon styles. She loves drawing fanart of her favourite media and also creates original comics on the side. When she isn't working on art, she enjoys drinking coffee in cafes, listening to Allie X, and spending time with family and friends.

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raven perez logo.jpg

Raven Perez

Table: J5

thimsy 1.png

Katherine Perry / Thimsy

My name is Katherine C. Perry, known around the web by my art handle, Thimsy. I'm a freelance artist and illustrator. I am a mostly self-taught artist, with 15 years of sketchbooks weighing down my shelves, and multiple academic degrees in art sitting in a box somewhere. I am mostly inspired by video games, comics, natural history and mythology.

Table: B2

laurels creations 1.jpg

Laurel Plyler / Laurel’s Creations

Laurel is a 27 year old artist residing in North Carolina. She specializes in realism and illustration.

Table: D3


Salem Powell

When not devising a killer description of themselves in the third person, Salem spends a lot of time drawing. Self-taught and heavily enabled by family, peers and their own imagination, Sal has trouble putting down the pen to avoid carpal tunnel. Their inspirations include trees, animals, storytelling and did I mention animals? But Sal doesn't just draw pretty pictures. After graduating with a bachelors in psychology, they were intent on helping others who have experienced trauma and need an outlet for expression. Future goals include involvement in art therapy and teaching techniques for others that wish to create. 

Table: A5


Deegan Puchkors / PopGore!

Pop culture awesomeness (comic book heroes & villains, movies, cartoons), along side GORE, horror icons, terrifying monsters,  and everything else that makes horror ****** awesome!! That’s what PopGore is all about! Along with all the awesome products you see here, I am also available for commissions. So if you want some custom artwork for yourself, or someone else, just contact me and let me know! Follow my Instagram @popgoreart to see what conventions I'll be appearing at next, previews of new artwork and products, and other awesome stuff! 

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kyle 2.jpg

Kyle Puttkammer / Hero Cats of Stellar City

Comic book writer & illustrator: Hero Cats, Midnight Over Stellar City, Galaxy Man. Comic book retailer: Galactic Quest.

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Vince Revene / Strange Letters to Albert

Raymond encounters a grouchy scientist named Wally Ding who happens to be evolving into a fish. Raymond tries to persuade Wally to remain among humans by taking him to a terrible art exhibit.

Table: I5

reyes 1.jpg

Jonathan Reyes / Jr Luna Art

I have always been involved in the arts since I was very young. It was just something that I’ve enjoyed doing. I have always found it to be a great release and when I get into my art I become extremely focused and driven to finish. One of the greatest feelings is finishing a project and it turning out the way you hoped or even better. And I love sharing what I create with the rest of the world.

Table: A6


Alden Roberts

Alden Roberts is an artist who loves D&D, succulents, the color pink, their two cats and puns. They are currently working on a D&D inspired comic as well as a second Argonian pinup series. They do commissions in their spare time, and can be reached at

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eb spider 1.jpg

Brandy Shope / E. B. Spider

E.B. Spider crafts quality, crocheted accessories and gifts!

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Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 8.56.10 PM.png

Ryan Sheffler / The Art of Ryan Sheffler

Ryan is a local author, cartoonist, illustrator from Youngsville, NC. He is most known for his all ages comic strip, "Jeff the Yeti," which just produced its second volume. In 2019 he and author/colorist Aaron Dowen (catalyst comics) plan to release the graphic novel, "Jeff the Yeti and the Map of Destiny. He is also a sketch card artist and takes commissions. He loves drawing sketch covers. He is currently working on building up his portfolio, with hopes to send samples to companies in the next year.

You can follow his work on:
Facebook: theartofryansheffler; jefftheyeti
Twitter: @jefftheyeti
Instagram: ShefaloniusStudios

Table: H5

simon 1.png

Elijah Simon / ENDtense J.E.T. Studios

Artist, published author, game developer, animator, and composer.

Table: C2

smith 1.jpg

Storme Smith / Buño Books

Storme Smith is a publisher at Buño Books. Buño is a small publisher founded in 2016, by Ulises Farinas and Storme Smith. We publish graphic novels and comic books by new talented artists. We look for fresh and unexpected work, and believe in diverse and dynamic projects and creators. 

Table: F3

cactus flower logo.jpg

Holly Wallace / The Cactus Flower Shop

The Cactus Flower Shop is the perfect place to get all your crocheted gifts, from anime-Sailor Moon Transformation Brooch, Luffy's Hat from One Piece, Pokemon-Balls, Pikachu, Umbreon, Bags, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Turtles, Bags), Disney-Pixar Balls, Perry the Playtpus, Ghostbusters Staypuft Marshmallow, Rick & Morty Mr. Meeseeks, Steven Universe Cookie Cat, Star Wars C-3PO, and more.  We also offer handcrafted hard cover journals, and are working on Enamel Pins, from original designs to your favorite cartoons, Japanese culture & more, which should be available for pre-order at the Nov. 10th event.

Table: H2 / H3


Matt D Wilson

Matt D. Wilson wrote the Kickstarter-funded five-issue miniseries Everything Will Be Okay and writes the ongoing digital comic Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective. He co-authored the acclaimed manuals on evil, The Supervillain Handbook and The Supervillain Field Manual. His newest book, Supreme Villainy, tells the life story of all-powerful supervillain King Oblivion, Ph.D. He co-hosts the podcasts War Rocket Ajax and Movie Fighters.

Table: D5


William Wood / BannerWood Arts

I am a freelance artist/illustrator working in the Greensboro area of NC.
I create art to bring life to the cluttered thoughts that fill my imagination. Conceptually my work reflects random life experiences and social observations that I've come across and find most interesting. I also draw much inspiration from classic art books, comics, lowbrow art, and a wide range of media sources. I take all of these elements, and with the use of painting and drawing media; create images that range from the vibrant and detailed to the dark and surreal.

Table: H4

worsham logo.jpg

Tim Worsham

Table: A2


Jessica Wright

Jessica Wright is a local author of the young adult fantasy novel, Through the Portal. This is the first book in a trilogy about William, Meredith, Jake, Henry and Josie, runaway foster kids who live in an abandoned apartment in Asheville. They steal what they need to survive, but, one night, they get into trouble and a strange girl named Katherine rescues them. She convinces the children to let her stay the night with them and, before they know it, they are being whisked away into her world, a land called Mirra, where the sky is a rainbow, mushrooms taste like bananas and giant serpents burst out of the ground to devour them. As soon as they get there, their lives are in danger and she tells them they must get to the Blue Palace as quickly as possible. With no better alternatives, they follow the girl, but even she isn't sure if they will make it there in one piece. It has been well-received by readers of all ages. It was published by a local publishing house in Asheville, Singular Reasoning Literature. The cover art was done by local artist, Lindsey Yow. These covers are limited edition with only 100 in print! Pick up your signed copy at Asheville Comic Expo!

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