Here at Comic Envy, we are constantly buying new collections of vintage comics, sometimes two to three times a week! These older comics can be valuable to both collectors and new fans alike, and make fantastic gifts for birthdays, weddings, or other special occasions. make sure to check back here often to see what's arrived!

Just arrived!

Journey Into Mystery #85 - The first appearance of Loki!

Wonder Woman #108

Brave and the Bold #2 - The second appearance of The Justice League!

Justice League of America #5

Now out for sale!

The Incredible Hulk #2

Amazing Spider-man #40

Fantastic Four #49 - Second appearance of both Galactus and Silver Surfer.

Now out for sale!

The Avengers #4 - First appearance of Silver Age Captain America

Strange Tales #110 - First appearance of Doctor Strange

Currently being graded at CGC!

The X-men #1 - First appearances of Professor X, Cyclops, Iceman, the Angel, the Beast, Marvel Girl, and Magneto

It can be a hard choice to make, but if you're finally ready to part with your old books (or re-selling a collection you've found), we are always willing to buy! Please follow the instructions below:

Call us!

On the rare occasion that we are not buying old comics, we would hate for you to waste the trip! Please call us at (828) 252-7600 and let us know what you are looking to sell. 

It's also a good idea to call and make sure a staff member that is authorized to buy is currently working. The best time to come buy with comics to sell is during the week (Mon-Fri), between 11am and 3pm. Of course we do understand that this may not suit everyone, so if you need to set up a weekend appointment we are happy to accommodate.

Getting your comics into the store!

With a couple of flights of stairs leading up from the parking lot, it can be a pain trying to carry heavy boxes up into the store! Feel free to park at either of our neighbors for the duration of your visit, and carry your comics on the sidewalk to our front door. If their parking lots are full and you need to park in ours, you're welcome to come upstairs and ask for help.

Our buying policy.

We buy a LOT of comics at Comic Envy, and as a result we have a great selection of back issues already. Please don't be offended if we already have copies of the books you are trying to sell - we just don't have the room to store duplicates! We also require that books be in fair condition; covers attached, no missing pages, no mystery stains or smells, etc. of course, in the case of extremely rare books, exceptions can be made! We offer a fair price, based on what we can re-sell the comics on, as of course we do need to make a profit. We do not, and will not ever attempt to price-gouge anyone selling old books - it's not our way!

No really, call us!

Still nervous? Give us a call! Our staff are always available and happy to discuss your comics with you. We often appraise collections, and are happy to work with you to find the right price and new home for your great comics. 

Please check out our Instagram to keep up with any additional vintage items we have in the store!


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