We are excited to feature many engaging and fun events at this year's ACE! Check back regularly for updates on costume contests, panels, and gaming. 

Costume Contest

ACE encourages cosplayers and costumers of all ages, genders, and skill levels! We award cosplayers across three levels: kids, novice, and experienced! Check back here for more info and contest schedule!


Ever wanted to know how to sew faux fur to a cape for a cosplay? Or how your favorite artists create such lovely pieces? How about the favorite pizza topping of a comic writer you admire? Panels are just the place for all your questions! Check back here for more info and the schedule for panels!


Take a break from walking around the con to enjoy some gaming! ACE 2018 will include a sanctioned Magic Tournament as well as a variety of gaming demos and free play opportunities. ACE will also include video games from the Retrocade and the Avl Pinball Museum! Check back for more info and the schedules.